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Never underestimate just how important the tyres are on your car. Those four round pieces of rubber are all that keeps your car on the road, steering in the direction you want and stopping safely. Badly worn tyres, out of shape or at an incorrect pressure, can adversely affect how your car handles and grips the road.

When asking for a quote to replace tyres, we’ll need a few key pieces of information. The first is the tyre size fitted to your car. Some cars have different sized tyres fitted to the front than at the rear, so you must check the one you need replacing.

The size and type of your car’s tyres can be found on the sidewall, shown as a sequence of numbers and letters (for example 205/55R16 94W ). Because there are thousands of variations, to ensure the right tyre is installed, it’s important to check your existing tyres or refer to your vehicle handbook.

During the MOT test or service, we’ll check your tyres for overall condition, remaining tread depth, any signs of distortion, cuts or damage and that the valve is correctly aligned and not leaking.

If you have an object such as a nail that has punctured the tread, we can sometimes carry out a permanent puncture repair, provided it’s safe to do so.

If your vehicle requires a new tyre (or more), we can offer a selection of brands to suit all budgets, many of which are available from our local wholesaler the same day.

We will only ever supply NEW tyres and cannot offer any secondhand tyres, usually known as “part worn”.



To stop and manoeuvre safely, your car or van’s brake system is a very complex series of components, all working together to ensure that when you press the brake pedal, the vehicle will slow down in a controlled way. 

Signs of a fault with a braking system could include a judder felt through the steering wheel when braking, a soft or spongy feeling to the brake pedal, scraping or grinding noises from the wheels when you apply the brake or just a warning light on the dashboard.

There are many components in a modern braking system, and our skilled technicians can easily identify a potential fault with your braking system and recommend the best way to repair it and restore its safe operation.

Whether it’s just replacing a set of worn-out brake pads or a new ABS pump or module, we’ll ensure that your brakes will stop you when needed.

The braking system is checked thoroughly during the MOT test, and certain components are always checked during a service. If any repairs are required, we’ll only fit good-quality parts from respected suppliers, and all our work is fully guaranteed.

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