Diesel DPF Cleaning

As the local Terraclean Service Centre for Aldershot and the surrounding areas, we already have hundreds of satisfied customers whose vehicles have been treated with one of our proven Terraclean cleaning processes. We are now able to add the latest in off-vehicle DPF cleaning to our comprehensive list of services in order to provide a cost-effective alternative to costly DPF replacement.

What is a DPF?

A DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is a part of the vehicle’s exhaust system that is designed to trap and store the polluting particles of soot that are emitted from diesel engines. These particles of soot build up during driving and are then periodically burned off at high temperature in a process called “regeneration” to leave just a little residual ash. This regeneration process normally occurs without the driver’s knowledge. This has been an emission standard and legal requirement on all new diesel-engined vehicles registered after September 2009.


What happens when they block?

With the regeneration process working correctly over time, the DPF shouldn’t block and this is more likely indicative of another problem with the engine or driving conditions preventing regeneration. If the regeneration fails to take place for a considerable period (often indicated by a warning light or “anti-pollution” message on the dashboard), the DPF will eventually become blocked and,  if not addressed, the vehicle’s performance will reduce, and the vehicle may go into “limp mode”, eventually becoming undriveable.

What are the benefits of a DPF clean?

A DPF is a filter and therefore has a lifespan. Like an air, oil or fuel filter, over time it will come to the end of its useful life. It will become contaminated with ash caused by the DPF regeneration process and will eventually require replacement or, as an alternative, will require removal and an off-vehicle cleaning service to remove the ash and restore the DPF function.

How does the DPF cleaning process work?

  • Our DPF cleaning process uses the latest equipment and environmentally friendly detergents.
  • We can remove, clean and refit your vehicle’s DPF “in-house” saving time and money. We provide full before and after test results and flow information, and we will identify the likely cause of the blockage and advise whether the DPF is in a safe condition to withstand the cleaning process.
  • Our specialist DPF cleaning apparatus will guarantee results to within 5% of a new unit.
  • Your vehicle will have cleaner emissions and be less polluting, as well as meeting DVSA requirements.

Saves on costly DPF replacement by prolonging existing component life.

With replacement DPFs costing up to £1,000 for standard family vehicles and even more for higher specification vehicles (over £3,000 in some cases), it is worthwhile investigating a DPF clean for your vehicle.

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