Focus on electric and hybrid cars

Are you an owner of an electric or hybrid car or thinking about buying one and would like to know more? In this article, we explain the differences between a Hybrid, Pure Electric and Electric vehicle and list some of the most popular makes on the market today.


Currently, on the market, there are over 30 differing types of Electric vehicles available in the UK. Hybrid vehicles lead the way followed by all other Electrical vehicles. Electric vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, with different applications to power the vehicle’s propulsion, using either pure electric motors, a combination of In Car Engine systems (ICE) or a combination of both.



A hybrid vehicle is powered either by a Battery or ICE or both. The power source is selected automatically by the vehicle ECU, depending on speed, engine load and battery charge level. The battery cannot be plugged in; charge is maintained by regenerative braking supplemented by ICE generated power.



A vehicle powered solely by a battery charged from the mains electricity. Pure – EV vehicles have a typical range of approximately 100 miles.



Any vehicle powered, in part or in full, by battery that can be directly plugged into the mains, for example, any vehicle that can be plugged in to charge the system.



Here we’ve listed below the cheapest hybrid cars on sale this year for those who want to make the change but don’t have the largest budgets. We’ve concentrated our efforts solely on ‘proper’ hybrids, namely cars that can run as pure EVs for a limited amount of time. We’ve also sorted them by list price!


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