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UK's 'triple dip' recession may have some good news for the motor trade at least.

Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises
Swiftest Service you can trust with no nasty surprises

M.O.T. Testing in Aldershot, Hampshire

Book your Van or Car MOT online now

MOT Testing Station

You can now BOOK an MOT AND SERVICE ONLINE 24/7 using our live, real-time Booking System!

Pick a date and time to suit you, receive instant email confirmation and a free annual reminder.

Book your MOT in Aldershot Online Now

As a certified M.O.T. Testing centre we're more than happy to book you in for a test while you wait.

We use the Siemens/V.O.S.A. computerised system of MOT testing.

The certificate is printed by computer and is A4 in size. Each certificate has a unique bar code and MOT test number allocated to it and an entry is made on a central database of MOT tests. You can check the validity of your certificate against this database by visiting The post office and police have access to which vehicles have a valid MOT in force by accessing this database.

One of the benefits of this is that as a post-office clerk no longer has to physically check your MOT certificate when issuing your new tax disc, you are now able to buy your road tax online. They have all the information they need (insurance details from the Motor Insurance Database, owners details from the DVLA and now MOT records from Siemens/VOSA) to issue a tax disc knowing that all the criteria are met. You can pay by debit card via their website or you can telephone them and pay over the phone.

Contact us now to book your M.O.T.

You can take your vehicle for its next M.O.T. up to a month before it is due. It is not widely known that the expiry date on your new M.O.T. is 12 months from its expiry date of your old one. This means you can have an M.O.T. that lasts 13 months. If your car is just 3 years old and is due its first MOT test, the MOT database already contains information as to the date your vehicle was first used in the UK and will automatically forward-date the test expiry date, up to 1 calendar month in advance. You don’t even need to bring your V5C registration certificate to take advantage of this.


If your vehicle should fail the MOT test for any reason, a free retest will be offered under the following circumstances:

  • If the items it failed on are minor and only a partial re-examination is required, you can take your vehicle away and bring it back before the end of the next working day and only those items that failed will be re-checked. There is no fee for this.

A detailed list of these minor items can be found on the reverse of the red VT30 fail document.

  • If the vehicle is left at our testing station for repairs to be carried out after the test within 10 working days (Saturday & Sunday NOT included), there is no fee.
  • If the vehicle is removed from our testing station for fail work (except minor items) to be carried out either by the owner or at another repairers, and the vehicle is brought back for re-examination within 10 working days, a partial re-examination will be required.
  • If you think your vehicle has a defect that may cause it to fail the test, please ask one of our staff about our retest policy we’ll always try and help as much as we can within the constraints of the V.O.S.A. regulations we’re bound by.


t: 01252 338588